Alien America 2022

Alien America is an Etheric World created by DJ SHADOWMIND’s Visionary and Executive Producer Eric Jon Boerner. The DJ SHADOWMIND Project is just one final evolution of the many games Eric has created for gifted and talented minds over the years. A new game has begun…. For all the marbles.

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Cat You Cant Beat, Nominated at the I AM Film Festival
DJ SHADOWMIND – Alien America 2022 on Spotify

“They infiltrated our families, neighbors and pets first. By then, it was too late…”
– General Wyatt

Creator ID on OpenSea.IO: DJ-SHADOWMIND Blockchain Ethereum: 0x8667…9535
Alien America 2022 Collection Project
OpenSeaContractAddress: 0x495f947276749Ce646f68AC8c248420045cb7b5e
ERC-1155 Ethereum Alien America 2022 Token ID: 60793143800769954932026977111690566603755264099879844579262481…<15CHAR-ASSETID>
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Alien Grunts (OG) Limited Editio 10,000 Members

Alien Grunts on ETH TV! “The Gateway Show!”

New Music, New Videos, New Merch.
Alien America Accession (Shhhh Its a Secret!!!)
Did We Hear Rumors of An Alien America Video Game Franchise?!?!?!